Our office in Cypress opened its doors in February 2012 following 11 years of successful mental health services in Wilmington, Delaware. The mission of Guiding Light Counseling is to help preserve the mental health of the children, adults, and families of Cypress, Texas as well as the surrounding communities.

All people, young and old, experience events and situations that can cause emotional problems, such as fear, sadness, anger, and stress. When we are able to control or express our emotions positively, then we are coping well. When the emotions begin to control us, then we react based on what our emotions tell us. This may be good if we are "in love," but not so good if our emotions (anger, fear, etc.) prevent us from being our true self.

When we are unable to cope with these feeling on our own, this does not make us weak, but means that we have exhausted our coping skills. At this time, it is best to ask for help.

Our location in Cypress, Texas is minutes away from Highway 290, and we offer a variety of appointment times that can fit your busy schedule.

Our office in Cypress, Texas is within easy reach of communities in Katy, West Houston, Tomball, and Hempstead.